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2009 Spring Seminar Series

Sponsored by Ewing Halsell Foundation of San Antonio

Seminars held from 9:30-10:30 am at the UTSA main campus in BSE 3.106


January 16, 2009

Applications of Human Embryonic Stem Cells in Developmental Biology and Disease Modeling
Christopher Navara, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Biology, UTSA

January 23, 2009

Neutrophil Accumulation in Bacterial Pneumonia
Samithamby Jeyaseelan PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Pathobiological Sciences, Louisiana State University

January 30, 2009

Emergence of Novel Retroviruses
Thomas M. Folks, PhD, Associate Director for Research Resources, Southwest National Primate Research Center

February 6, 2009

Determination of Morphology and Virulence in Candida albicans
David Kadosh, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, UTHSCSA

February 13, 2009

Misfolded Copper-Zinc Superoxide Dismutase and Motor Neuron Disease
Dr. P. John Hart, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry, UTHSCSA

February 20, 2009

Rift Valley Fever (RVF): An Integrated Approach to Controlling RVF in Africa and the Middle East
Mustapha Debboun, Colonel, Medical Services, US Army Medical Department Center & School, Fort Sam Houston

February 27, 2009

Drug Resistance Evolution in Malaria Parasites
Dr. Timothy J.C. Anderson, PhD, Department of Genetics, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research

March 6, 2009

Amorphous Computing and Synthetic Biology – Where Computation and Fabrication Meet
Zack Simpson Mine Control and UT Austin

March 13, 2009

Spring Break

March 20, 2009

Host Resistance and Susceptibility to Mucosal Candidiasis: How Different Can Two Sites of Infection Be?
Paul Fidel, Jr. PhD, Associate Dean for Research, LSU School of Dentistry

March 27, 2009

Ducks, Avian Influenza, and the Texas Coast: A Winter Wonderland
Blanca Lupiani, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M

April 3, 2009

Bacteria Harden Their Armor: Remodeling of Gram-Negative Lipopolysaccharide
M. Stephen Trent, PhD, Associate Professor, Section of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, UT Austin

April 10, 2009

Mutational Analysis of Ip54-Encoded Genes of the Agent of Lyme Disease
Mahulena Maruskova, PhD Student, CMB Program, UTSA

April 17, 2009

New Insight into Obligate Parasitism by the Q Fever Bacterium Coxiella burnetti
Robert Heinzen, PhD, Head of Coxiella Pathogenesis Section, National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, NIH

April 24, 2009

Immune Responses in Effective and Ineffective Vaccination Strategies Against Respiratory Tularemia in Mice
Wangxue Chen, PhD, Canada Research Council

May 1, 2009

Pathogenesis of Lyme Neuroborreliosis
Mario Philipp, PhD, Professor, Microbiology and Immunology, Tulane National Primate Research Center, Tulane University Health Sciences Center